Sorghum Sudangrass

So I know you all get tired of me talking about my beloved ryegrass, well I found a new potential grass to get excited about Sorghum/Sudan XLLPPS

Soil Is Where It's At

Here are 2 soil samples from the same field, one of the samples is from 2016 and one 2020. The difference in organic matter is incredible – 1.73% to 3.58%!

Continuous Quality Improvement

Hopefully many of you have noticed the continued quality improvements in our beef. I thought I would give some of our thinking and continued process improvement of why it continues to improve. We view quality on three main characteristics: marbling, flavor & tenderness.

Water Management

A key part of managing land that can be overlooked is how runoff from rain is controlled. The soil itself actually has a huge impact.

Planting Ryegrass by Sunset Light

A less stressful week this week catching up on to-do's from last week. We're keeping the drill (ryegrass seed planter) running most daylight hours to get as much planted as we can before the rain comes so it gets good growth before the cold hits. Every day counts!