All Natural Pork

Fischer Farms Pork is humanely raised without the use of growth promotants and using high quality Duroc genetics by Bernie Gutgsell and his family just down the road from our beef farm. The pork is processed at the same family run and federally inspected processing facility as our beef & turkey.

Bratwurst Burgers - 6 lb Box

1/3 lb Patties (18)
$7.38 savings
$37.38 $30.00

Grill Master Package

Fire up the grill with these grill-ready cuts!
$22.53 savings
$181.53 $159.00
$0.54 savings
$5.41 $4.87

Jowl Bacon

1 lb Vac Pack
$0.71/lb. savings
$7.07/lb. $6.36/lb. Avg. 1lb .

Pork Chop (12 oz) French Cut

Select option for other sizes
$0.89/lb. savings
$8.87/lb. $7.98/lb. Avg. 1.5lb .

Quarantined Family Meal Plan

Eat well this week and let us help with the meal planning with easy to make meals!
$32.28 savings
$272.28 $240.00

Quick and Easy Package

Selection of Pre-Cooked Smoked Products Eggs and Ground Beef
$25.79 savings
$269.79 $244.00

The Barnyard Basics - 30 lbs

30 lbs of Beef Pork & Turkey
$19.77 savings
$197.77 $178.00

The Barnyard Basics - 55 lbs

55 lbs of Beef Pork & Turkey
$35.49 savings
$368.49 $333.00