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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have my order in by Monday at midnight? We cut the meat fresh every week based on incoming orders. Starting on Tuesday morning, we cut package, and box the orders. How long can I keep the meat in the refrigerator before freezing? Most of our products are vacuum packed. For those products with intact vacuum seals, we recommend a maximum of the following dates from pack date: - Ground Meat - 2 weeks- Beef Cuts - 3 weeks- Pork - 2 weeks- Turkey - 2 weeks- Smoked Products - 5 weeks for products that have lost their vacuum seal or are not vacuum sealed, we recommend freezing until ready to use. If you do not expect to use a product within the time ranges above, we also recommend freezing to preserve freshness.

Why are some products listed as "sold out"? Because we cut fresh each week, we have to find "homes" for all parts of the animal. Some parts are limited in availability because we only get a few pounds / half (e.g., skirt steak, hanger steak). We do our best to project how many pieces/pounds we will have available each week but there are times when we have more or less actual availability than we expect.

How does the pickup process work? Your order will be delivered to your pickup location on the designated delivery day. Your designated pickup location will hold your order in their cooler with your name on it. Simply let the pickup location know you are there to pick up your order and they will retrieve it for you.