Indy Now: Upland Brewing Company

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July 23, 2023

Recently, we were invited to appear on Indy Now. So, we brought our friends from Upland Brewing Co along to share a few menu items that feature Fischer Farms!


Indy Now airs each day on Fox59 based in Indianapolis. This gave us a great opportunity to share Fischer Farms with a wider audience through 2 tasty dishes prepared by chefs at a restaurant we are partners with.


We have had a long relationship with Upland In fact, years ago (maybe 2004, 2006?) we used to trade cow feed for beer, with the previous owner. Clearly our relationship has evolved over the years because you can now find many of our products on their menus at all of their locations across both Central Indiana and Jeffersonville.


This was a fun time, and we appreciate not only Chefs Chad and Andy for the early morning and all the prep work, but also the producers and hosts of Indy Now.


Please watch the segment HERE and let us know what you think!

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