From Farm to Football Field: A New Partnership for Fischer Farms!

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August 10, 2023

Fischer Farms Announces New Partnership
with the Indianapolis Colts

The Colts organization shifts to natural, locally sourced beef to invest in their players through a partnership with a family-owned Indiana business. 

St. Anthony, Ind.- Fischer Farms Natural Foods is excited to announce their new partnership with the Indianapolis Colts. The Indianapolis Colts prioritize partnerships with Indiana businesses and feeding their team, coaches, and staff top-quality meats in the process. By doing so, they are investing in their players’ nutrition and their communities.
The Colts culinary team led by Chef Patrick Stark have already begun serving Fischer Farms meats to their players as part of a dedicated commitment to supporting Indiana businesses and promoting sustainable agriculture. The team gathers for meals at their training facility at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on Indianapolis’ northwest side as well as during training camp held at Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield, Ind
“The Colts made the change to Fischer Farms because top quality, clean meat is what our players need to practice, perform, and recover at the highest level. It was important to the Irsay family and the nutrition staff not only how we were feeding the team, but what we were feeding them,” said Leigh​ Hullett, Indianapolis Colts Team Dietitian. “That’s why it was really exciting to find a family-owned, Indiana farm to supply our team with sustainably raised meat.  Now we feel much better about what they’re putting in their bodies and that will continue to enhance how they perform on the field."
Fischer Farms is known for their premium, naturally raised beef and pork products. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture and on-farm regenerative practices has recently earned them recognition from the Certified Responsible Antibiotic Use organization and a Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities award from the USDA.
"We are excited to be partnering with the Indianapolis Colts," said Dave Fischer, owner of Fischer Farms. "We believe that our commitment to sustainability and fresh, premium meat aligns perfectly with the values of the Colts organization. We look forward to working with their culinary team as they feed the players that our family watches on Sundays."
Steve Campbell, vice president of communications for the Colts, recently shared with Mitzi Morris of Inside INdiana Business, that the organization had begun researching high-quality, locally sourced beef for player and staff meals at the team’s training facility. Extensive research led the NFL team to Fischer Farms.

“It’s good for our fellow Indiana businesses, but it’s also good for us because we’re getting a better, fresher product. This is high-quality food for our players. And we love partnering with local businesses when we can on different projects,” Campbell shared with the Indianapolis Business Journal in July. “The fact that they are taking a lot of steps to be more environmentally sustainable, that’s a third win.”

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