Farm Tidbits- The Newest Fischer Generation

May 5, 2023
Congratulations and welcome to the world Chloe Jo!

We welcomed the newest Fischer generation to the world on Friday, April 28! Joseph and his wife, Emily, are excited to be new parents to Chloe Jo Fischer. Dave and Diana are happy to take on the new titles of Grandma and Grandpa.

Chloe will be the 4th consecutive Fischer generation to have Jo/Joseph as part of her name.

We are thankful that Emily and Chloe are both doing well. Joseph is getting his diaper changing reps in and getting used to disrupted sleep cycles but loving being a dad.

Joseph will be working from home for a few weeks to try to give mom and baby the most support he can but he is still available via email and text. He just may be a little slower to respond to messages than before.

If your message is urgent, you can continue to contact Diana at (812) 481-1411 or

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