Farm Tidbits- Silage Cutting Season

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September 29, 2023


We will hopefully finish chopping silage for the year today. It's been a busy month as we chop the corn and forage sorghum to store in our silage pit for the rest of the year. We usually have to plan around rain and weather forecasts, but the dry weather lately has made it very easy to get out into the fields. Now we are starting to pray for rain so that our ryegrass can get some good growth before colder weather gets here. The picture below shows the pile of silage that we will cover and let ferment for ~3 weeks before we can start feeding to cattle.

Without weather to worry about, issues this season revolved around maintenance and equipment breakdowns. Thankfully nothing too serious and we have backup plans for most equipment but still never fun to have do (and pay for parts for) in-field repairs. Looking forward to less-stressful weeks in the future!

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