Farm Tidbits- Memorial Day

May 25, 2023

We've got a little bit of everything going on right now. Like your lawns at home, the grass in our pastures is growing faster than our cows can eat it! For the fields that our cattle can't graze in time, we will chop these fields and store the grass in our silage bunker. In some fields, our ryegrass is almost 6 ft. tall (using Dave as a measuring stick below).


We've hosted a few fun tours recently. One of which being the International Grassland Congress who brought folks from all over the world, including Germany, Australia, and England! Dave had an engaged audience who shared his passion for all things forages, especially his beloved ryegrass. 


For all you tomato growers out there, Dave has also taken on a side project attempting to grow a 20-foot-tall tomato plant. Yes, you read that right. After reading Jim Zamzow's book, he's ready to try it at home! It requires a lot of pruning and training the plant to grow in a particular shape to maximize photosynthesis. We'll keep you posted!

Heather Tallman

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