Farm Tidbits- Life Cycle Assessment

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December 8, 2023


We are in the middle of a lengthy analysis of the Life Cycle Assessment of the Carbon Footprint of our beef. We will start with the calf being born and finish when the meat is being served to a customer.

The study will include the CO2 captured by plants the cattle eat as well as the methane and CO2 released when cows burp. Also, the Nitrous Oxide from fertilizers and manure, CO2 from tractors burning diesel and of course how much the ryegrass sequesters through its roots.

Geospherics, LLC from Bloomington, Indiana is leading the effort, and they bring a very experienced team.

  • Kevin Ellett – founder of Geospherics parent company, Carbon Solutions
  • Kate Mortensen – PHD student IU
  • Dr. Fu Zhao – Purdue professor – Environmental & Ecological Engineering + Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Craig Rasmussen – Univ of Arizona – Environmental Science – Editor of Soil Science Journal

They have been a great team to work with to help us better understand the Carbon Cycle!
Initial results should be ready in early 2024.


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