Farm Tidbits- Happy Mothers Day

May 12, 2023

We know this is historically a busy weekend for you all so good luck this weekend!

To all the mothers receiving this email, we wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! Balancing the demands of the food world with the demands of motherhood is no easy task, so we hope you can take some time to give yourselves the credit you deserve and get a little R&R!


We are proud to employ three hardworking mothers at Fischer Farms: Diana, Denise, and Samantha! Denise and Samantha are on our order fulfillment team. You have all probably interacted with Diana at some point (if not weekly) for many years. She continues to be a critical part of "making it happen" each week as CEO - from customer service to process plans!


Thanks again to our mothers at Fischer Farms and for all the other hardworking moms "making it happen" each week in and out of the home!

Heather Tallman

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