How is Fischer Farms Different?

How are we different from other farms?

We take no shortcuts on raising premium meats- Our top-quality beef is naturally raised without the overuse use of antibiotics and growth hormones. We work to educate on the small steps farmers can take to raise quality beef in a climate smart way that also tastes great and has a high demand! We are incredibly convenient- we cut fresh, we ship fresh, we deliver straight to your door, AND we have over 600 products to choose from. We work with chefs, retailers, and our customers to customize cuts to what you actually need. We don't just cut steaks- we cut the steaks you ask for! We are a sustainable choice- every decision we make from rotational grazing to select genetics, has to be for the betterment of our farmland, our animals, and our environment. We work with scientists at the state and national level to ensure that we document the research performed in the areas of genetics, life cycle analysis, feed nutrition, soil health, cover cropping, and water quality. We seek out nationally recognized and highly respected organizations to work with to certify our work and research. We do what we say we are doing- and have the certifications to prove it!

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