Fresh from Indiana

In addition to the beef raised on our farm, we also sell high quality, natural products grown and produced from around the state of Indiana. Meeting and working with farmers, producers, and artisans within our community and across the Hoosier state not only extends their sales network, but also supports these small business owners that live in our own zip code- and beyond. Get to know a bit more about these fantastic people that we call friends. From eggs to syrup, cheese to seasonings- it is our hope to connect you with a new favorite!

 Our extended network of products all meets the same strict criteria:

Premium | Natural | Local | Fresh | Environmentally Sustainable | Humanely Treated

One Order, One Delivery, One Invoice

                                                                                                                 Fresh from Indiana

  • Beautiful Edibles


    Growing Health

    We know that food grown on healthy land with responsible farming is healthy food. We act as stewards of this land, caring for its health to support yours.

    A Family Tradition

    Our family grew up here in Paradise where Beautiful Edibles began. We are proud to grow the food that feeds your families. Thank you for supporting this tradition.

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  • Betz Seasonings


    Demi and Ryan, of The Betz Seasonings, created some of their favorite spice combinations, they decided to bottle them, so they had the option of cooking with their favorite meals - even on their busiest weeknights! They wanted to share this quick and convenient way of cooking with you so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the ones you love. They combine all the seasonings Themselves in small batches to ensure quality flavor and ship them directly to you. We are excited to offer these locally made seasonings as a complement to our product line. 

    We proudly carry: Ryan's Steak, Pork Dry Rub, Fajita Seasoning, Demi's Steak


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  • Capriole Farms


    Founded by American cheesemaking pioneer Judy Schad, Capriole crafts award-winning Old World-inspired goat cheeses at their farm in Greenville, Indiana. Like us and many other local farmers, they are faced with excess supply that was previously bought by some of the finest restaurants across the country. We at Fischer Farms have personally bought and loved their cheese for years!

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  • Fischer Farms Natural Pork


    Fischer Farms Pork is humanely raised without the use of growth promotants and using high quality Duroc genetics by Bernie Gutgsell and his family just down the road from our beef farm. The pork is processed at the same family run and federally inspected processing facility as our beef & turkey.

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  • Fischer Farms Natural Turkey


    Fischer Farms Turkey is raised by farmers in our area (the Perdue network) near our beef farm, including a neighbor that also rents his pasture to the Fischers. The turkey is raised without the use of growth promotants or antibiotics. We only use fresh thighs and breasts to make great tasting burgers and other turkey products, no white slime here!

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  • Fromme Fresh


    Fromme Fresh practices “Living Soil Farming”. Our food is only as healthy as the soil it is grown in which in turn equates to a more nutritious food source.

    They believe most of our health issues are caused by a lack of nutrition and their personal quest for healing led them down the path to provide the most nutritious food possible.

    Watch our store for their seasonal availability!

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  • Fruit Butters


    After selling out at her family-favorite recipes for seasonal fruit butters at a local farmer's market, Camden Inman began creating more delicious flavors using fresh fruit. Soon after, she brought Natalie Fordham on as a partner. As two young moms, they enjoy producing fruit spreads that are just as delightful as they are nutritious. A year later, they are pushing ahead in a market not yet reached. They love bringing the new thing to town in beautiful packaging and top notch flavors. Using only the best ingredients, they source their fruit locally and use organic ingredients to bring you the highest quality fruit butters. Https://

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  • Hoosier Pawpaw


    Hoosier Pawpaw is a forest farming business nestled in the Hoosier National Forest of Southern Indiana. We specialize in growing and distributing indigenous plants and their byproducts, including pawpaws, persimmons, and ramps. Most of these native plants thrive under the dense forest canopy. Hence, you may say our business is made in the shade!

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  • JohnToms BBQ Sauce


    From Hoosier Heat to Peppered Gold to Sneaky Hot, JohnToms BBQ Sauce has the sauce for you!

    These old family recipes were handed down from JohnTom himself to the next generation of sauce makers who also happen to be Indiana University graduates!

    From Muncie, Indiana to your kitchen, now available here at Fischer Farms!

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  • Lambright Amish Family Farm


    Early on, Dave was asked to find 2 dozen XL brown, pasture raised eggs by a chef. Dave found a wonderful Amish community nearby and now deliver weekly shipments of the freshest eggs, maple syrup, sorghum, hickory syrup and seasonal produce to our customers.

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  • Maple Leaf Farms


    Founded by Donald Wentzel in 1958, Maple Leaf Farms started out as a small duck operation in Northern Indiana dedicated to producing products with "quality you can count on. Maple Leaf Farms works with local contract producers who grow and care for their ducks on their family farms each day. Their ducks are raised in quiet, spacious barns where they have room to roam about and have access to fresh water and feed. Duck barns protect the birds from extreme weather conditions, predators and disease, but allow the fresh air needed to keep the ducks healthy. A staff poultry nutritionist formulates a balanced diet for the ducks from corn, soy, wheat and other essential nutrients. The duck feeds do not contain any antibiotics, growth hormones, or RUPPs (Restricted Use Protein Products) like meat and bone meal.

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  • Miller Amish Country Poultry


    Miller’s Amish chickens are hatched at the Miller Farm hatchery and raised primarily on Amish family farms. The birds are raised inside naturally ventilated, curtain sided houses, and are free to roam on open floors. They are fed an all-vegetable, drug free diet and are hormone and antibiotic free.

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  • Newfangled Confections- Sweet and Spicy Pecans


    Carrie Abbott founded Newfangled Confections in 2012 – a candy company that is a contemporary return to blast-from-the-past candies with a dash of love and nostalgia. Newfangled Confections is dedicated to responsibly producing the highest quality confections while being a joyful place to work and creating opportunities for all who make our product lines possible. The city of Indianapolis is our home. Everyday we build upon our vision that has grown from small batch to big box. Our humble beginnings were built on being innovative and unique, always demonstrating our utmost respect for our suppliers, vendors, and customers. We are and will remain faithful and devoted to confections forever!

    Sweet and Spicy Pecans: Spicy sweet with a delayed heat! An addictive treat year-round.

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  • Red Frazier Bison


    The Red Frazier bison ranch is located near Bloomington, Indiana. The Bison are raised naturally, without growth hormones or steroids. They use the same processor as we do, so it’s easy to add bison to your order.

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  • Rising Sun Artisan Foods, LLC


    Rising Sun Artisan Foods, LLC is based in Dubois County, Indiana and founded by Culinary Creative Dawn Ferguson. Dawn creates recipes and foods to help busy moms, dads, families, couples, and singles provide healthy meals and snacks at home. She creates ingredient shortcuts to save time in the kitchen and enhance the flavor in your recipes.

    Find more recipes and Rising Sun products in her Facebook group: Rising Sun Artisan Foods, LLC

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  • Smoking Goose


    We have paired up with long time partner Smoking Goose Meatery, who uses our natural pork, to offer their smoked sausages & charcuterie. Normally they sell these products to the finest restaurants in NY City, Chicago and across the U.S. They recently won national charcuterie awards in California. Perfect for a delicious charcuterie board for those game/movie nights at home!

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  • Spicek!ck


    Hi! Michelle Dudash here—creator of Spicekick.


    As a Cordon Bleu-certified chef, registered dietitian, and author of two cookbooks, creating new recipes is a passion. And when it comes to cooking at home, I’m always happy to share tips on how to make things easier in the kitchen without sacrificing taste or quality.

    That’s why I developed Spicekick with one goal in mind—help families serve nourishing, homemade, flavorful meals with minimal time and effort. My hope is that with Spicekick, you’ll introduce new, fresh meals to the kitchen table with ease and create more time to check things off that to-do list or simply do the other things you enjoy.


    • Gluten-free
    • No-sugar-added
    • Free of artificial coloring and preservatives
    • No fillers
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  • Tell City Pretzels


    Made in the river city of Tell City, Indiana. A local Jasper resident purchased the company and is reinvigorating the 150 year old company. They have a great ingredient list, “Flour, Salt, Water & Yeast”. They are hand twisted and have a great hard pretzel flavor. They also have specialty flavors (e.g., buffalo, honey mustard, cheddar).

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  • Twin Springs Creamery


    Twin Springs Creamery is a multi-family dairy operation committed to providing ecologically sustainable dairy products to members of the surrounding community.

    Twin Springs Creamery started with a decade of planning, but physically taking shape in the Winter of 2021, with the purchase of the old Martindale Farm on Starnes Rd.

    In the spring of 2023, the Farmer family, with help from many others, began renovating the old barn and putting it in order to milk cows and process grade A milk and dairy products. Starting in the Fall of 2023, Twin Springs Creamery will once again re-establish a grade A dairy in Monroe County.

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