Flipping The Fields

written by

David Fischer

posted on

September 23, 2022

It’s been our busy season on the farm the last few weeks.  We chopped silage for 2 weeks and finished Sunday before the rain.  The first pic is our yellow silage chopper in a corn field and blowing the silage onto one of our trucks.  Tuesday we started spreading manure on most of the fields and planting our ryegrass mix for winter grazing.  The last couple of years we have diversified our fall planting to include wheat (it helps to hold the weaker ryegrass stems straight in the spring, thus it absorbs more sunlight and grows taller).  This year we are adding Crimson Clover to the mix.  The clover should add protein to the feed and increase overall volume.  The diversity of plants will provide a better environment for the biology to thrive as well.  Each of the plants roots give off different exudates to support different bacteria & fungi in the soil.  By Thanksgiving we should have beautiful green fields ready for winter grazing of the wheat & ryegrass.  Next spring we should have pretty fields with the red clover heads popping above the wheat & ryegrass.

Late October & November is the best time to tour the farm, let us know if you’d like a tour!





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