Farm Tidbits - Guess This Plant

written by

Alisha Ahmed

posted on

July 21, 2023

Guess this plant?  Picture-This app got it wrong too! It’s Forage Sorghum. We’ve planted about 100 acres of this plant this year. It looks like corn but has bigger leaves that are loaded with sugar.

- Nongmo
- Half fertilizer requirements
- Short 70 day growing season
- Deep, extensive rooting
- Must cut and let dry 1-2 days before chopping for silage
- Lower energy content than corn
- Bugs love it 


We’ve been experimenting with it for 5 years. Half of the fields we planted this year with no herbicides.  
It is a big part of our long term vision of eliminating fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides (which we’ve already cut in half). Lots more work to do.



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