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July 15, 2022

Regenerative agriculture promotes an overall healthy soil ecosystem. This includes not only the nutrients within the soil but also the organisms and microorganisms that help make those nutrients available to plants. Including... earthworms! We are often surprised by the quantity of earthworms in our fields. Earthworms play a big role in helping break down the "stuff" in soil (e.g., dead roots, leaves, grasses, manure) to make it easier for plants to use to grow. They are also simultaneously aerating the soil with their tunnels so we are very happy to see and continue to encourage earthworms to be a part of our soil ecosystem!

The picture below shows an earthworm that we found this week that is 9 inches long! It moves similar to a snake. We believe it is the largest earthworm we've ever found on the farm so of course I had to put it in one of my wife, Diana's, flower vases with some soil as a pet for a few days. Diana didn't think it was quite as cool of a pet as I did.

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