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Persimmon Pulp

Persimmon Pulp

Indiana Persimmon Pulp
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Persimmon pulp has a wide range of uses including, but not limited to: breads, puddings, cookies, cupcakes, ice-cream, syrups, milkshakes, soaps and more. Frozen to maintain freshness.

Hoosier Pawpaw is a forest farming business nestled in the Hoosier National Forest of Southern Indiana. We specialize in growing and distributing indigenous plants and their byproducts, including pawpaws, persimmons, and ramps. Most of these native plants thrive under the dense forest canopy. Hence, you may say our business is made in the shade!

The pulp products are made from 100% fruit pulp sourced from Terre Haute, IN and Dale, IN. Much of the fruit was cultivated in orchards, while some was wild foraged. By choosing to carry these products, you are investing in the local food system of our region.