Our Sustainability In Action

You Can Feel Good About Eating Our Meat Because:

It’s Local: low carbon foot print to deliver
It’s Clean meat: both raising & processing
It’s raised through Sustainable farming practices

Local, Thoughtful Distribution
Locally sourced means we have a lower carbon footprint to deliver our products to our customers. We work closely with our distributors to transport our products using existing delivery routes and “back hauls” to make sure the trip is worth the fuel. We also partner with some of our wholesale customers (retail stores, restaurants) who act as pick-up locations for individual customer orders, making it convenient to swing by and pick up their order on their way home, without an unnecessary, dedicated delivery.

Sustainable Water Conservation

We have a network of 7 ponds and waterways that naturally filter the water before it leaves the farm. After the water leaves the pond shown on the left, it is also passes slowly through an “S” shaped wetland that we constructed to further filter the water and provide a habitat for native plants and animals. The filtered water in these ponds is pumped (mostly via gravity) to our cattle water troughs. This means we do not need to use processed “city water” to provide clean drinking water to all of our cattle.

Soil Health and Carbon Sequestering
We are passionate about proving how cows are SAVING the planet. Over the years, we have fine tuned our grazing and manure management program to improve our soil via the collection of carbon from the atmosphere. Dr. Lloyd Murdock, from the University of Kentucky, has studied our ground to show that we have tripled our topsoil levels in just seven years (3 to 9 in). We also estimate that for every 1 lb of meat we produce, we capture 5 lbs of carbon from the air!

Clean Meat
We are proud to raise our animals humanely, without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. We minimally process all our meats without additives such as: MSG, nitrates, preservatives, fillers, dyes, etc. Just natural meat and natural seasonings (e.g., salt and pepper). Be confident knowing what is (or in this case, not in) your food. Taste the difference.

Are you also passionate about sustainability? Please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts. We are always happy to discuss sustainability and learn about other opportunities to incorporate sustainability programs. Feel free to email us at: joseph@ffnatural.com