Twin Springs Creamery Milk (Cream-Line) Chocolate

Twin Springs Creamery Milk (Cream-Line) Chocolate

Fresh, chocolate milk

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Our dairy products start with fresh, Jersey milk. Our cows are grass fed so their milk is high in Omega-3s. Our milk is low-grade vat pasteurized (meaning more of the good probiotics are left for your health) and non-homogenized (the cream rises to the top once you let milk sit for a spell- see the photo below). Our cows live outdoors, are on pasture during the warm season, and receive an abundance of forage year-round.

The process…. We milk early in the morning and later in the afternoon. The milk comes out of the cow about 100-degree F. It gets filtered as it enters the bulk tank and is chilled to around 37 degrees within 40 minutes or less. This helps preserve the flavor.
After we collect a few milkings worth, milk is pumped from the bulk tank in the milk room into our 100-gallon vat pasteurizer located in the creamery, where it is heated to 145 degrees F and held there for 30 minutes. If we are bottling regular, cream-line milk it is quickly chilled once again, bottled, and put in the coolers for refrigeration and delivery to a store near you.
If we are making other products like kefir or yogurt, the milk is cooled to the proper temperature, a culture is added, and the milk is held at temperature for the prescribed time until it is packaged, refrigerated, and delivered to your neighborhood store.

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100% fluid dairy milk cane sugar, chocolate (cocoa, dextrose, cornstarch, salt, carrageenan, and natural vanilla)