The Indiana State Department of Agriculture’s Indiana Grown initiative was created to promote products that are grown or made by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers! From fresh food grown from our soil to artisan goods crafted with care, we’re here to help you discover what Indiana has to offer.

Indiana Grown has more than 1800 members and 50+ business partners which include farmers, artisans, winderies, breweries, as well as farmers markets retailers, grocers, hospitals, restaurants, distributors and organizations.

USDA is committed to supporting a diverse range of farmers, ranchers, and private forest landowners through Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities. This effort will expand markets for America’s climate-smart commodities, leverage the greenhouse gas benefits of climate-smart commodity production, and provide direct, meaningful benefits to production agriculture, including for small and underserved producers.

USDA is investing more than $3.1 billion for 141 projects through this effort and all the projects require meaningful involvement of small and underserved producers.

We are proud to be a project awardee in which we will be performing research to document our climate-smart practices and share those findings with other farmers to promote the adoption of climate smart practices at more farms. We believe we have developed an innovative standard that sequesters carbon at an accelerated rate while minimizing our emissions.

The Certified Responsible Antibiotic Use (CRAU) standard is the first responsible use standard certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that allows for minimal use of medically important antibiotics in meat production, and only those prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. We at Fischer Farms are proud to be part of the pilot program for beef certified responsible antibiotic use. We partnered with the team at the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center to develop a manual that incorporates beef production practices that will not only allow Fischer Farms to become certified CRAU but also a template for other beef farmers, large and small, to become certified too! Conventional beef production unfortunately allows for cattle to be fed antibiotics in small doses every day for "disease prevention." This continuous small dosage of antibiotics contributes to antibiotic resistance of medically important antibiotics. We hope that with more awareness, we can show how responsible production practices eliminate the need for these routine antibiotics. We use antibiotics only in cases where cattle need them (just like in humans!) for short periods of time as directed by a veterinarian.

We are proud to be majority woman owned and operated! Diana Fischer is the majority owner of Fischer Farms Natural Foods and has led our team for many years as the primary point of contact for customers and manages all the order fulfillment for the business on a daily basis.

At Fischer Farms, we are dedicated to producing all-natural meat from start to finish. This includes humane raising practices that do not include routine antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. These on-farm natural practices are combined with fresh processing that is free from fillers, dyes, and other additives. We decided to raise our cattle naturally because we were uncomfortable with many of the "tricks of the trade" that had become standard practice and prioritized quantity over quality in the industry's desire to decrease price at the expense of clean, top quality meat.

Regenerative agriculture describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change and rebuild soil. We use these methods to care for our cattle in a sustainable way, ultimately reducing our emissions.

We at Fischer Farms are dedicated to this holistic agricultural practice in order to support farming on our land for generations to come!

Meat that has been minimally processed means it is not changed or altered after its cut. We do not add any solutions, fillers, preservatives, dyes, or other artificial additives.

Since we at Fischer Farms cut our meat fresh to order every week, we are able to provide fresh meat to our customers without the use of unnatural processing techniques.