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Calves grazing in oats in the fall.




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Smaller pig


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Fischer Farms Beef is raised naturally without growth hormones which increases the marbling and tenderness.  The whole carcass is dry-aged for 14 days to increase tenderness and beefy flavor.   Our pork is juicy because it is raised naturally.   All of our meats are raised without growth promotants and using top genetics to ensure consistent highest quality.

All of Fischer Farms products are raised naturally and processed without adding chemicals to the meats.   This means no residual antibiotics or growth hormones.  No MSGs, nitrates or phosphates. Just clean healthy meats!

All of our products are raised or grown in Indiana.    

Beef – Fischer Farms in Jasper

Pork – Gutgsells Farm near Jasper

Turkey – Area growers in southern Indiana

Chicken – Millers Amish Chicken in Goshen, Indiana

Eggs, Syrup, Produce, Sorghum – all raised by an Amish community near Paoli, Indiana

Pretzels – Tell City, Indiana

We cut our meats fresh each week.  The beef is dry-aged for 14 days and then cut to order on Monday through Thursday and delivered fresh on Wednesday or Friday!  Our Pork is butchered on Monday and delivered fresh on Wednesday or Friday!  Our chicken is also cut fresh weekly, our turkey is cut fresh twice per month.

We cut to your specs!   Anything from a 24oz Bone-In ribeye steaks, 7oz French Cut Pork Chops, 6oz burger patties to 2oz filet medallions let us know what you want!

Our beef is raised on our farm near Jasper, Indiana.   We focus on having top genetics that produce the highest quality meat.  Our cattle never receive growth hormones and only small doses of antibiotics when they are sick and never within 4 months of slaughter.

Our beef is whole carcass dry-aged for 14 days, we can also wet age the subprimals for an additional 7-14 days.   The marbling in our steaks and tenderness is ensured by the genetics we use and feeding them naturally.   Without growth hormones the calves are able to put energy into the intramuscular fat.

Our pork is raised on our neighbors farm.  They don’t use growth promotants and have selected genetics (Duroc boars) for tenderness and juiciness.   They do a great job of isolating their herd to prevent disease and only use antibiotics if the hogs do get sick and only for a short-time.

Our chicken comes from Millers Amish Poultry in northern Indiana.  They raise the chickens without antibiotics and growth promotants.  They also send us the product shortly after processing so we can get it to you within a few days of slaughter.  Fresh and tender!

Our turkey is also raised locally in southern Indiana without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.   We process the meat at Sander Processing with our beef and pork to ensure it is the best quality.

The eggs are raised by our Amish friends near Paoli, Indiana.   The chickens are in groups of about 100 chickens and allowed to roam freely during the day in their pasture.   Before night fall they are fed in their chicken coop where they are protected from predators.   You will see the difference in the density of the whites and yolk color and creaminess.

The maple syrup is also produced by our Amish friends near Paoli.   Each spring the community takes their horse and wagons to all the sugar maple trees within 10 miles to gather the sap.   They then cook it down over an open fire.   This syrup is consistent and high quality.

The produce is also raised by our Amish friends near Paoli.   They have a 10 acre vegetable garden and large strawberry and blackberry patches.   The produce is hand picked by their families and delivered to you within 1-2 days of harvest!

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